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Real Estate Transaction Coordinator

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Real Estate Transactions


All real estate agents and brokerages have systems that are particular to that business. So I have a free consultation with you and devise a checklist that will work uniquely for your real estate transactions. The result will be a streamlined business for you and one point of contact to ensure all aspects of the transaction are completed before or by the deadlines.**All documents are completed and turned in ON TIME to ensure a SUCCESSFUL closing!


I am a NAR and California Certified Transaction Coordinator. I have been helping agents for ten years complete SMOOTH transactions and give them MORE TIME to be out of the office following up on new leads to create MORE BUSINESS!

Over the years I have developed and nurtured relationships with Escrow officers, Lenders and Vendors. This is a great ADVANTAGE to have a smooth flow of communication during the transaction process.

I am able to complete transactions for agents who are just starting out and seasoned agents. And I work with your system. Whether you are working with paper or going paperless or completely paperless, your transactions will be processes successfully.


◘ You wish to have more time nurturing your clients so that your business can grow
◘ You want to spend less time on paperwork!
◘ You wish to streamline your real estate transactions.
◘ You wish to optimize mobile technology to enhance real estate transactions.

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